FREESAT Vs Free to air viewing receivers!

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I have recently taken it upon myself to obtain myself a FREESAT receiver and did so via ebay. I viewed all the options and plumped for a "Power Seller" with an excellent feedback score. I actually paid a little over the odds for the same equipment I could have had from another seller for a lesser price. But as I am resident in France posting was the clincher! I would much rather pay £9.00 as opposed to £27.00 for the same item sent by the same courier!

Anyway I digress, I received my TRIAX receiver and plugged it in. And waited for the programmes to load. However then I read the receiver is already set-up with 250 pre-programmed programmes for your convenience! And even better the seller is showing the programmes as available on the listing! Hmmm, where were the FIVER and FIVE US programmes? They were listed as being pre-programmed? Answer, they are NOT yet available on a Satellite as there is not enough room for them. SKY can transmit them as they have an agreement with the company which produces them. So NO CSi!? LIE number one!

It was then that I looked into the whole FREESAT thing and lo and behold I discovered that 90% of ALL receivers being sold as described on ebay are in fact simply  FREEVIEW boxes!! And Freesat receivers actually allow you to receive the two? HD broadcasts being out there at present! So IF the receiver you are about to spend your hard earned on does NOT receive HD broadcasts then be sure it is NOT a Freesat receiver!! LIE number two!

OR do like I did and ask Triax what the model is able to do as I did and they will without bias tell you you have been ripped off and sold something which is being "MISDESCRIBED" and is alos allowed to be so By ebay themselves!! Yes the VENUE is implicit in allowing items to be sold as something they most CERTAINLY are not!

I have asked ebay to comment on this, I am still awaiting a reply.........Lie number........
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