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I written this guide in the hope, it stop, other's been rip of, ebay a good place to buy, but some sellers, think it there right to sale a item that they found to need alot of repair's and think it is ok to sale to someone on ebay, there listing say fully working, but it's what they do not say, ie  cable's broken, hiding faults with duck tape, and worse using item while faulty, then you come along, you won item and the sellers shows it's starts, but forgets to say, ho by the way this bit's crack and i hidden this from you , the missing spark plug cover and it goe's on.

so now you got home, the sellers got your cash and then you start to find all it's faults, that the seller failed to say on listing, now you got to wait ten days to file and hope you cover by ebay standard protection, as you paid cash, seller saying he knew nothing of faults,( he own  from new?)

so this is my advice, insist on paypal if over £50.00, this means you more likely to get money back, if anything goe's wrong,  make sure sellers got 50 feedback to be cover via paypal, before bidding ask the seller , everything, ie where was it store, how often was it used, is there any faults, rust, why is selling  lawnmower, because, if it turn's out it doe's not work, then you got the seller bang to right's. if they failed to mention any fault's,ask seller if they write and sigh a receipt stating fully working, IF IN DOUBT DO NOT BID!!!

 especially on electric mower's that could give you a electric shock!!

so ask and if any doubt, don't bid, there always another on ebay and better to wait for someone who's not a ripoff merchant,.  then to end up no cash , no working lawnmower !!

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