[FW]Something you must know about wigs

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Cost: Anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand depending on hair type (human or synthetic), quality (asian, indian, remy european, etc.), size, thickness and supplier.

Pro's: You can change your style at will and they are generally easy to put on and go out the door.

Con's: It is sometimes hard to find the 'perfect' look and the process can be overwhelming. Go to a wig shop if you have one in your area. Full wigs can be hot.

Comfort: Again, this depends. There are several different bases to choose from. Vacuum sealed wigs look awesome and stay on your head remarkably well but are extremely hot in warm weather. A mesh or lace base is much more breathable but sometimes more difficult to concele and the lace is fragile and must be vented (more hair added) and/or replaced often.

Attachment: Some wigs have a strap in them that you fit to your head as well as clips to clip on to your remaining hair. Vacuum sealed wigs require a shaved head for the seal to work. Some are 'tight fit' so you pull an elastic strap tights and it holds it on.

Look: Many wigs can look very natural. Bangs are usually the best way to go to hide the front edge, but you can get a lace front if you do not want to go the bangs route. The lace front is a super fine mesh that when manufactured correctly is undetectable (the hair looks like it is growing from your scalp). You then tape or glue the front down daily, but this shortens the life of the piece. Some wigs and toppers have the option of a replaceable lace front so that when the front wears out you can send it in and they will put a new front piece on rather than having to replace the entire thing. Synthetic wigs generally do not hold up as long as human hair wigs from a frizz-factor standpoint. One of the nice things about a full wig is that you don't have to mess with coloring or blending your own hair, you just plop it on, style and go.

Maintainance: Reventing as needed. Most people do not sleep in thier wigs as it is hard on the wig and on the scalp. Thus you need to have a head dummy to put it on at night and to use for styling, drying, etc. Deep conditioning is needed periodically for human hair wigs to keep them from drying out.
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