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Yarndex website: guide to wools/yarns

For all you amateur knitters out there,regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert (like I am....not,well not yet anyway!)- and all you crocheters too......
...I have found the most fabulous website devoted to over 4,500 yarns,and it tells you which yarns each maker has currently and gives the shade numbers and all the information you could ever possibly need about each yarn.
The way the site is set up it is so easy to navigate, and it's possible to find a yarn by clicking the brand, yarn name and colour name from the search page,or if you are already on the page of a particular yarn rather than having to go back to the main search page there are two ways to find other yarns from the page you are on.
Also, if you have found the yarn you are looking for and want to see how it compares with others by the same maker there is a list of that maker's other yarns on the page;also a link to each maker's website.
When you have found the yarn you are looking for it is possible to view close-ups of each shade, and also to view shades from previous seasons, sometimes up to 3 years back. It also tells you if a yarn is discontinued.
As if this isn't fabulous enough, the menu along the top lets you look for yarns by weight,fibre, texture and more (needle,guage, and country).
At the bottom of the homepage there is Featured Yarn, which changes, and a link to everything you wish to know about this type of yarn.
Perfect for all those bargains on ebay which give the colour but not the wool content, or the shade name but not a very good photo, or you want to know if a bargain on ebay will be suitable for a pattern you have by viewing the needle size etc.
for instance if your pattern tells you to use a yarn which requires 10mm needles, you can see at a glance on this site whether your well-spotted bargain is going to be suitable. And if not,you can look some up by fibre,weight or whtever...
....and there are loads of other uses which other people will no doubt find.
The site is Yarndex.com
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