Facts About Our Blood(Did You Know?)

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  1. WHITE BLOOD CELLS-Which Kill Germs.

  2. RED BLOOD CELLS-Which Carry Oxygen.
     3.PLATELETS-Which Make The Blood Stick Together To Form A Scab When You Have A Cut.

     4.PLASMA-Which Is A Watery Liquid To Help Everything Move Around.

     5.FOOD-To Give Energy To All Parts Of The Body


Your Heart Is A Muscle That Work Like A Pump To Keep Blood Going Round Your Body.It Is About The Size Of Your Fist And Has Hollow Spaces Inside.

Your Heart Is Divided Into Two Parts Which Work Together. The Right Side Of The Heart Receives The Blue Blood And Sends It To The Lungs To Collect Fresh Oxygen; This Makes The Blood Red Again.The Left Side Of The Heart Receives The Fresh Blood From The Lungs And Sends It Round The Body.

Every Part Of The Body Needs Blood To Make It Work Properly Because The Bloods Brings-Oxygen And Food And Takes Away The Waste.

Each Time Your Heart Beats It Pushes The Fresh Blood Which Is Full Of Oxygen And Coloured  Red Through The Arteries Which Then Divide Into Smaller Branches Called Capillaries Which Are All Over Your Body.

The Blood Then Loses Its Oxygen And Returns Through  The Veins A Blue Colour.

Blood Flows Round The Body In A One-Way System.There Are Valves In The Heart To Stop The Blood
Going Backwards.

Your Body Contains About 4-5 Litres Of Blood (Depending On Your Size) Which Is Sent On Its Journey Around The Heart About 5,000 Times A Day.

As The Blood Must Keep Moving All The Time, Your Heart Is Very Busy. It Never Stops Working All Your Life.Even When You Are Asleep.

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