Failed MOT emissions?

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Failed MOT on emissions test?  Assuming an oil and filter change has already been done and you have no broken components in the engine, RESTORE has a good chance of quickly reducing emissions to a passable level ready for a re-test.  Don't just consider this as being a quick fix - the effect is semi permanent.  I have used RESTORE in my 1993 Volvo 440 for the past 3 years and the MOT emission test print-outs show that my car's emissions have reduced in each subsequent year since RESTORE was put in the engine.  We suggest you follow the same procedure as shown above, i.e. 50ml of RESTORE down each empty spark plug or glow plug hole, turn the engine over a few times, replace the (heated) spark plugs, add the rest of the RESTORE (in total you will need 250ml per 1000cc of engine size) to the ordinary oil in the sump and then run the engine for up to 500 miles or 10 hours.  You can turn the heater on and open a window and leave the engine running in your driveway or yard continuously for several hours if this is unlikely to annoy the neighbours (and of course providing your vehicle is secure!)

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