Fair Trade Guide to buy clothes,djembe drums,percussion

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Fair Trade is a way of trading and doing business that looks for Win-Win solutions to some of the worlds problems. FT tries to address the great inequalities between the rich nations of the Northern hemisphere, and the poorer nations to the South. As members of BAFTS, The British Assoc. for Fair Trade shops, we try to work with our producers so both parties can benefit from trade. We cut out the middle men by working directly with producers, thereby giving them greater profitabilty. We pay advances up front to allow our partners cash flow to buy raw materials. We develop long term partnerships based on trust and mutual respect. At Naturalflow Direct we have been developing our partnerships over many years and now are known for our Clothes, Djembe Drums, Percussion instruments and Incense.

Here are some photos of our friends work and products.

Link to Naturalflow Direct `About us Page`
Link to Fair Trade music and percussion instruments

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