Fair Trade Haki Sacks the Latin American juggling ball

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Haki or Hacky sacks are classed as a Footbag. Our Guatemalan haki sacks are filled with seeds but they can also be filled with beans or sand. The name Haki sack came from the original inventors, John Stalberger and Mike Marshall in America. The sacks have so many uses including Footbag Football Circles, Juggling, and attractive paper weights! The most popular way of playing with them is however in Haki sack Circles. A group of players stand in a Circle and each member does a Trick with the sack. If everyone manages to contribute a Trick and pass it on the next person, then when a full circle has been achieved this s known as a Hack. The Hakis are great for sharing experiences, getting a repetoire of tricks and promoting dexterity. They are also a FUN way of sharing a game on the beach or in the park.

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