Fair Trade - Sellers Secrets & What the Law Has To Say

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An Extremely Quick Guide to Buying online this Christmas

It seems these days that most sellers just want to let you know that they have the best and cheapest products available for sale on E Bay. In many cases you only normally get to see a picture and read beefed up descriptions before you bid or buy, ie, some sellers try and make a Mini sound like a Rolls Royce, or a thorn look like a rose. So how exactly can you know what you are buying ? How can you reasonable compare it with other similar products ? As E Bay Powersellers we are also large stock buyers, so when we buy or import products in bulk, we are looking for the same qualities and desire factors in a product that you strive for, obviously the cost factor is one of the most important points and needs to be competitive, but experience tells us that the cheapest product is not always the best, far from it, usually it is the complete opposite, the cheaper the product the lower the quality, the less time it will last, it comes with the least amount of customer service behind it, maybe spares are not so readily available, is it safe to use ? Is the item being sold by a responsible registered business that can look after you if you need any after sales assistance ? or are you buying it from Fred and John who are out to make a quick fiver by selling goods off the back of a lorry ?

How do we get the Best Out of E Bay ?

Simply by being honest, treating all buyers, bidders fairly and attentively whilst following all relevant laws, we have been selling on-line through E Bay and our other established Company Websites long enough to know how to look after customers, we know who is trying to pull the wool over our eyes before they even try, so we do not waste our time or money trying to attract those buyers. Certain restrictions accepted, our products are normally available for viewing prior to bidding or purchase during our opening hours in our warehouse and we allow buyers to collect to save on postage costs, you may well notice on E Bay that many sellers do not allow buyers to collect due to Health & Safety Reasons, the truth of the matter is usually one of three main reasons, the first being that they do not want you to see their premises, ie often a garage or a mates shed, the second being that they do not want to loose out on any hidden profit in the inflated postage costs they are charging, or the most concerning factor, they are just drop shipping the item to you, ie. they are just a selling agent and do not have direct control over the deal or the delivery of the item.

Your rights as a buyer are often more than what some sellers think they should be

European legislation currently states that all items sold in the UK must be CE approved to ensure that they meet certain safety criteria, all of our products are approved to this standard as a minimum requirement, watch out for those on E Bay that are not rated as they could cause you and your family a lot of problems, even severe injury. There are different regulations covering auction sales and direct purchases, ie Buy It Now purchases. With auction sales you do not have the right to return any unwanted items, you are entering into a contract and you must follow through with it. European long distance selling regulations state that all goods purchased ie. Buy it Now purchases made from European Businesses on line can be returned without prejudice to the seller for a full refund against the item price paid for whatever reason providing you notify the seller within seven days of receipt that you wish to return them, the law allows you to use the goods you have bought to see if they are suitable providing you return them with all their packaging intact in an acceptable condition that they can be sold again in, we actually go one step further and allow you fourteen days to return any unwanted items in this way, remember though this is only for Buy It Now Purchases and you the buyer are responsible for all postage costs, fairs fair, most sellers on E Bay work on extremely low margins so cannot afford to refund these. Remember, the company must accept the items back and refund you the full purchase price in a timely manor, they are not allowed to charge a stocking fee and in most cases,  downloads etc excepted,  are not allowed to not let you use the item, after all, how else are you going to see if what you are buying is suitable for your needs.


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