Fair postage charges ??

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Ebay policy says that nobody is allowed to make profit from postage and packing charges. I buy lots on ebay and find that some sellers are deliberately flouting this policy and shudder to think what I've spent on posatge over the years.

When someone chooses to sell on ebay they have to expect to have to go to the post office and package items otherwise how could they send them to the buyer so why do they feel the need to charge sellers for petrol and time etc?

How on earth can anyone think that £3.50 potage on a babies t shirt is fair? And people who charge silly amounts for the item then rediculous prices for the postage are breaking ebay policies and should be reported to ebay. On the bottom of every listing is the option of "report this item". if the item is obviously overpriced on postage the seller can and should be reported to ebay and can have their listing removed.

Having said all that I have also "met" some genuinely nice helpful people who are only too happy to help with discounting wherever they can and these sellers are to be commended and probably end up selling more by being fair.

I am so fed up with reading guides about the poor sellers and their problems with having to take items to the post office after they have spent hours wrapping the items in brown paper etc that I began to wonder if they really should be selling at all.Ebay is a wonderful invention and a lot of fun if everyone is willing to play fair so to other buyers being totally ripped off by some sellers I say vote with your fingers and buy from the many considerate people and report the others.


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