Fairing Fakes

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  Real Fairings are small Victorian china ornaments,usually captioned,making a social,political,or humorous comment on English life from about 1850 to 1914.The First World War stopped the trade,because they were all made in Germany. The name fairings was coined by Dr Bristowe in the first book on them in 1964,because they were made for the English fair market. Today,many sellers call any old thing Fairing, but here are some of the worst offenders.

First,  you are not going to buy a genuine Fairing for £5

Second,  two pencil size holes in the base, is a 1980 onwards reproduction, although made in Germany

Third,  all numbers starting 18xx are modern fakes,never mind the Conta & Boheme shield, that's faked too

Forth,  Fairing Captions that do not exist,

         One Too Many,  Fathers Joy,  Loose Pins, Now my Girl, Shall we sleep first or 1 hour, Tea--Time,  The Gossips

Now for the photograph examples, all FAKES

      (Sorry, not able to load, except the above)

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