Faith Shoes Store Card

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I love Faith Shoes Who doesn't

Instore one day they asked me if i would like a store card? with money off vouchers i could use that day.

Well i was a bit reluctant as i don't normaly have store or credit cards, so i said eventually said yes.

Brilliant i got £10 off my new shoes so only had to pay £55, the statement came in for £55 +£20 for card insurance protection.

I sent off a cheque for £55, the next statement came in i had a late payment fee of £20  and the card protection £20 + service charge?????

Thought they had made an error so sent off £20, my account should have been clear.

I then bought a pair of shoes in the sale £25 so next month the statement came in £20 late payment fee + £25 for the sale shoes. then another late payment fee of £20 so altogether £65.

I rang creative financial services (faith card) they had not got my cheque, then lots of hassling on the phone from them.

I mean 5 phonecals in 2 days, i went to the bank and the cheque had been cashed.

Payments don't show up on all their systems so you get hassling phonecalls when they already have your money.

Then sadly my dad died suddenly so i was late sending a payment, they rang, i explained they removed a further £20 they had added.

Are you all following this.

Then another late payment fee of £20 was added because a cheque i had sent didn't clear their system in time.

You have to send cheques 14 days before your payment is due because it takes at least 10 days to clear their payment process

Mad isn't it??????


So have sent a letter asking for all the late payment charges they have added to my account,

The Late Payments exceeds the amount i have spent on shoes!!!!!!

So i am in the process of  they remove the charges or i take them to the small claims court.

In the meantime they will charge me another £20 because i refuse to pay excessive charges

So unless you want lots of hassle avoid Faith Cards at all costs.

hope this helps someone avoid this mistake

Creative Financial Services, have now credited my account with the full ammount they charged me,

I will never use a faith card again,

Anyone else experiencing problems with them? contact me and i will send you copies of the letters i used.

Just need to send me a SAE,

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