Fake 240mw laser pens

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Many (if not all) Lasers at 240mw in power are generally fake. Diodes usually come in increments of 50 or 100.

If you search for a laser on ebay, first off REALLY check the sellers feedback. You will see a myriad of complaints about the lasers being sold and all approximately £20GBP while postage and packing is £20 when it only costs approx £5 or less to ship one of these from the UK 1st class recorded.

You will also notice the same type of language on the listings too where the English is broken. There is one seller with many ebay accounts selling the same products at marginally different prices while postage price is increased by a quid or two to make it seem like there is a choice between different companies since people dislike the feeling of having no control over who they do business with to get a certain product.

These listings are easy to spot as there are loads of them all with the same kind of pictures making the "240mw" laser look like some kind of lightsabre that can cut through metal.

They will also carry no warning sticker stating the power output and wavelength like legitamate pointers made by reputable companies do.

Also one more thing.... if you see someone with videos of the laser pen in the form of youtube videos doing things like bursting a row of balloons or lighting a cigarette, it is not the laser pointer they are selling. Someone put up those videos ages ago, not the seller.

One of the reasons they are expensive like that is because if they were cheap as F***, you would have loads of idiots pointing lasers at each other and there would be a nationwide ban. And the reason being... by standard.... humans are generally not clever. LOL look at this. The seller has written:

"It can be used for pointing to star constellations (sky pointing), projection on low clouds, lab experiments, professional lectures, astronomy, star gazing, fun and games at night clubs and discos"

Yeah... do that and the doormen will take that away from you, keep it and throw you out. Fun and games indeed!

"Green laser pointer is significantly brighter than red laser pointer and because of its unusual colour, it is much more noticeable"

Yeah.... GREEN.... VERY unusual colour. Not like it's in the rainbow or anything.

If you want something good enough for pointing out stars etc, stick to 100mw laser or 50mw. It's all you need. If you need this for pointing other things out and are willing to fork out more cash for it, then a 200mw will suffice. Also, beware of items coming from China when advertised as coming from the UK with high postage prices. Lying about item location is also not permitted on listings. Item will come from Manchester but they will be registered in HONG KONG.

Thanks for reading. Now you know the truth

p.s.: To make easier, click on feedback as a seller in the last 12 months, scroll down and have 200 items per page, go to negative, if they sell a lot of stuff click CTRL+F and type in laser so that it automatically jumps to laser pen feedback. search that if they sell a lot of stuff.

and random note: In Goldeneye, if a laser diode in a watch could generate that kind of power to cut through metal, he'd have third degree burns on his wrist from that. But there's no power source that small and powerful aside from nuclear on this earth like that. Look at the size of Goldfingers laser compared to Pierce Brosnan's ;) THat's how big it would have to be. with supercomputers and s*** attached to it.  


Seems as though they are back. Ebay managed to get rid of em but some have resurfaced at around £.9.99 with postage being £15.99 or £14.99 with postage being £10.99  - Same sellers are usually based in "Manchester" too. I'll give you guys another secret too just in case you didnt know. A lot of these bulk-bad quality-cheap products are from warehouses based in manchester. You didn't hear nothing from me! Just remember... don't rush to buy anything. Examine everything on the listing. That's in general and not just for this.


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