Fake Abercrombie clothing on Ebay

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To all those thinking of buying Abercrombie clothing via Ebay, WATCH OUT! Abercrombie and Fitch DO NOT import into the UK so ask yourself where your seller got his gear from? Signs to watch out for are stock photos ripped straight off the official website - what you'll be sent won't look anything like the product in the photo! For absolute peace of mind buy direct from the official website in the US. I've just ordered another pair of cargos and the total cost works out only around £15 more than the scammers charge! At least this way you'll know that what you're getting is the real deal and not some shoddy piece of rubbish knocked up in a Tai sweatshop. They may take a litle longer to come but it'll be worth the wait. Genuine A+F gear is a delight to wear and will last 10 times longer than the scammer's copies.
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