Fake Apple iPod Nanos- Don't Buy Them!

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It has come to my attention, after someone I know got scammed, that there is an increasing number of mp3 players being passed off as iPod Nano players.

Please read the listings carefully, take a look at the Apple website to see the 'real deal' if you have to (just Google 'Apple Store UK') but the best tip I can give is trust your gut instinct.  Ask around and see if anyone you know has an iPod (a real one!) and if they'll let you have a quick look-see.

Beware of listings that tout an mp3/mp4 player as 'iPod style' or 'Nano style' this means that it only looks like one, not that it is one - you also need to examine the capabilities of the mp3 player.  Does the listing say it has a radio?  If it does, then this is a sure sign this is a fake - genuine Apple iPod Nano's do not have an in-built radio at the time of writing this guide.

A lot of fake iPod listings will show pictures taken straight from the Apple website, so be wary if the picture shown isn't one that has been taken by the seller.

You really need to cover your back with this one and do your research.  Unfortunately, you may think you've still got a bargain in a £20 'Nano' that supposedly got an 8gb memory (for example), but the chances are that this memory is really less than 1gb and your mp3 player is so substandard, it will probably only see you through a couple of months before it dies on you.

Another thing to take a look for (get your specs on for this one) are the play/pause, stop and skip buttons on the touchwheel on the front of the iPod.  Is the centre circle of the touchwheel the same colour as the iPod itself?  This is a good indicator that it is genuine. However, if the centre circle is the same colour as the 'touchwheel' itself and is displaying a play/pause or a stop symbol on it, then it is not a touchwheel at all.  You will receive an mp3 player where you have to click on a horrible bit of plastic rather than having the luxury of simply running your finger around the touchwheel to control the volume, navigate menus etc.

If you're buying an iPod Nano that's touted as 'BNIB' or just 'new' then the following should be included - the Nano itself, an iTunes CD, iPod bud-style earphones and a USB cable - to be sure, visit the Apple website.  However, if you are buying a genuine player that is used, then you need to consider that not all of these may be available and this should be reflected in the price.

So, in summary:

1.  Ask around

2.  Do your research

3.  Read the listing carefully (Does it supposedly have a radio?  Is it described as 'Nano style?' - Both are signs of a counterfeit.)

4.  Look at the picture (Has it been taken by the seller, or has it been copied from Apple's website?)

5.  Trust your gut instinct!


If this guide has been of some use to you, then please let me know!  Ultimately, good luck in your search for an iPod!

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