Fake Balenciaga!!

Like if this guide is helpful
I am truly sick of seeing bags listed as genuine, 100% authentic when nearly 90% of them are replicas.
I have personally bought three fakes myself - and I know what to look for.  My problem?  I was silly
enough to actually believe sellers rather than ask the relevant questions.  So here is what to look for
because Im sure buyers are unaware if they've bought a fake or not.
There are so many Balenciaga styles, colours and internal tags its nearly impossible to simplify.
Some with tassles, some without, different hardware types, size and colour.  But there are also
many websites showing pictures of real and fake so do your research!!!  As soon as you see which
model it is, look up the serial number which the bag should show. 
Broadly:  Metal tags are not on all bags.  But if they are, the number shown should be exactly
the same when the tag is lifted up.  This number is imprinted into the leather on the other side;
It is an accurate, easy to read imprint.  About half way down.  Anything looking slightly off side, or
too high into the stitching is a fake.  Also note that the colour of the stitching on the top line
of the metal tag is always, always in black!!!  Even then, it doesnt mean its genuine. Fakers are
quick to find out these details - so watch for any uneven stitches, or over stitching....These are
also fake.  The 'O' rings holding tassles never have gaps in them....authentic bags have soldered O
rings.  So even this tiny aspect tells you the rest is fake.  Zips are always Lampo and written
very distinctively.  Please see website for pictueres.  Do a Google search......The good thing about
Ebay is that there is more protection these days when bought a fake.  But it is a pain having to
return, wait for refund, then wait again for it to go into your account.
But what I am mainly really annoyed about is that I have reported so many fake bags which
Ebay has not removed.....I then watch them being sold for in excess of £300 to unsuspecting
buyers.  And this is why the trade continues.  I have repeatedly asked Ebay for an explanation
but I am sent meaningless replies.  And dont be as trusting no matter how lovely the seller
sounds, and dont think because they have a high feedback number it means anything!!
Ask if they bought it themselvese....you'd be amazed how many hands these bags pass through
before ending up on Ebay (where there is always a buyer who doesnt know the real thing).

I just hate seeing people ripped off....I lose out every time with paying high recorded delivery
postage costs which also infuriates me!  Ebay are not protecting buyers as they should. This is
me just trying to help put that right.  I hope this is helpful. 

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