Fake Benefit Erase Paste

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I recently bought a pot of Benefit erase paste from a seller who had great feedback and was selling the product for £10. I should have known the price was too good to be true but I bought the item.

Being a user of erase paste in the n.o. 2 medium shade, I am aware of what the product should look and feel like. This one was definately a fake. Firstly, the colour on the box said n.o 2 medium but the product inside had a sticker on the bottom saying n.o. 2 fair which is rubbish as n.o. 1 is the fair colour. The box was quite a good copy and I would have probably been fooled by it had the product not been inferior. The colour of the paste inside was way off - it was very light compared to what the medium shade is and it had a chalky and thick texture to it compared to the geniune product which has a smooth and creamy texture. I also thought it smelled horrible too - it had a very chemical smell which I had not noticed with the genuine product. The pot itself looked the same as the genuine one, same pot and same colours but on closer inspection the base of the pot looks somewhat shoddy. Firstly the label on the base should peel back easily to reveal the ingredient list. This label did not peel back easily at all and I had to really prize it open. There was no ingredients list underneath either, just some label that said benefit cosmetics. When I peeled the entire label off, the batch n.o. had not been printed onto the plastic base (although a batch n.o. had been printed onto the label). All I could see was a T shaped letter on the bottom. This is not the case with genuine erase paste as the batch n.o. will be printed on the plastic.

The name of this seller was "thecosmeticsboutique10" and they have now become unregistered funnily enough. I am in the process of trying to reclaim my money through paypal/ebay. Please don't be fooled by Benefit makeup on here which is priced too good to be true. I would now only buy it from someone selling with a real photo and who seemed to have bought it from a store and not liked it. Even then I would be emailing to ask them questions or asking to see a photo of the ingredients label on the base of the pot. Genuine sellers will not have a problem doing this as they will be keen to make a sale and it only takes a few mins to do. Don't trust anyone with a large stock of Benefit items as benefit do not supply wholesale to companies other than Boots or Debenhams.

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