Fake Branded Head Covers Links Counterfeit Seller's

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Fake Name Branded Neoprene Head Covers

Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Cleveland, Taylor Made, Mizuno Branded Neoprene Iron Head Covers That are sold here on E-bay are FAKE cause none of these copanies even produce or manufacture them

Well first of all if you have read any of my past guilds then you already know anything that sells they have counterfeits or fakes!

Same thing! When you see neoprene Titleist or Cobra or any of the big name brand companies on them, they are fake!

  • Again First of all Titleist or none of these companies don't even make them, they do not exist!

The Best thing about these fakes

These fake head covers that don't even exist is an instant give away that the seller is selling other counterfeit equipment!

More times than not the seller will be selling Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound grips, also counterfeit!

  • But most likely will be selling something maybe sets of Callaway woods or iron,Taylor Made woods or iron, Mizuno irons also they will only try to list these head cover on the weekend. I thank they may know it's a dead give away.
  • But the best thing is if you read this article and the seller has any history of selling these head covers you know not to ever ever deal with that seller. If you do however mess with that seller you are just asking to give you're money away. You might has well contact me get my E-mail address and just donate the money to me, that way you wont be upset about buying counterfeit golf equipment  

A list of companies that are being branded on these cover!

  • Titleist, Cobra, Callaway Cleveland, Ping, Mizuno and all covers look the same except the name!   
  • I hope this article will give you a heads up and something to look out for and should be real helpful for you. Thanks for reading


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