Fake Chinese/Indian Antique ? Clocks

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Beware of buying what is advertised as an "antique clock" from China/ India region, there are many very good fake antique clocks on the market from this area and they are almost always copys, but advertised as  ANTIQUE.

So new you can hear the glue drying out. Also Please watch out for cloned antique clock auctions usually again originating from China and will always be a top end clock, such as a fusee bracket or wall clock, and will have been on ebay and sold for a high value in the week before. This is a menace and you see them more and more, EBay seem to be able to to very little about them and are usually new sellers in China, Makes me wonder how these sellers are able to so easily register and commence scamming from this area.

I am not saying they are all scammers, but please look at the sellers feedback and how long they have been a member of ebay before parting with your cash.

Also read the descriptions very carefully as the postage costs tend to be extreemly high, just in case you havent been screwed over enough by buying a fake anyway. If in doubt about purchasing any antique clock from abroad and if it looks "too good to be true", it usually is "too good to be true". Walk away and keep your cash.

The vogue at the moment is fusee wall clocks. These can be sold as "antique style" or as "although not an antique" or "unsure of the age", all of which should set alarm bells ringing!! . Look at the case, in particular where the back box joins the movement and dial. An old clock has lots of "finger colour" to the wood. There should be signs of useage, a shadow where the back box has protected the wood from the suns rays. The back plates of the movement may have a stamp stating "London" and a serial number, but anyone could have added these at any time. Most repro's, although they have the basic componants, lack the depth and finish of an original. This is not to say all "repro's" are bad quality. For the right money, you get alot of clock with a Fusee movement, But if your intent is to buy an "antique Fusee station/school clock", then the diffence is like Porche and Skoda, both fine vehicals, will do what they are intended to do, but if you have parted with a large amount of cash, I know which I would want parked outside!! Again, buy off a seller with good feedback, talk to them before you bid. It is quickly apparent those that are out for a fast buck and those that know their subject and product.

I just had a really good laugh and nearly fell off my chair when reviewing this guide. As you read the guide look to the right and you will see a list of related items for sale on ebay, when I looked there was an "antique" elephant swinging clock from China listed there..Just goes to show.

For once in my life I am speechless. !!!!!!!!


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