Fake Chinese sellers.

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The above title is a common one which im sure many of you have seen in and arouns Ebay auctions, more often than not on the higher value items such as Sat navs and lapto pcomputers / equipment.

If you have not seen these the do a search for the above items and they will be littered amongst the auctions. They are easy to spot as the seller 99% of the time will have a feedback score of 10 ( 100% of course) and when you try to see what they have sold or bought then it will be an un-translatable low cost item with inevitably no picture evidence as to what it was.The presons leaving the feedback ( if not already banned) will also have a feedback of ten ( what are the chances of getting 10 feedback from 10 buyers all with 10 feedback each!!!). Either way they are fake and obvioulsly setup to fool the less observant amongst us.

I have reported so many of these sellers now and they have all been banned. I actively send emails to persons bidding on the items that i can see are falling for it aswell, just to warn them of course and not because i want the item.

please be advised you will never recieve the item you are bidding on so dont bid!!!!

Do you really think that you would be able to score a 400 quid sat nav unit for 50 odd quid even with 60 euro's postage ???Come on Ebay prices are good but really not that good. There needs to be something done to stop these people before they clog up Ebay so much it becomes impossible and the website team all go off with stress related illnesses!!!

Happy and safe bidding to all.

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