Fake Chloe Paddington Bags On Ebay >>>

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Id just like to say that Ive been looking at 'Chloe Paddington' bags on ebay and I cant belive how many fakes I have spotted. I saw one a few nights back..the bidding was at £340.60 for a fake chloe bag!

You have to be 100% careful when buying a chloe bag. Its amazing how different you can make the bag look from the picture. And then theres other things that you cant see from the picture. for example. The padlock on the bag should weigh 1 gram. You cant see that through the picture can you?

Authentic Chloe Paddington bags should be 100% real leather. As I said above.. the padlock should weigh exactly 1 gram. The word 'chloe' is printed on the padlock, I have seen bags with it in big writing.. and small. So which one is real? The big writing. If the bag has small writing its fake. On each end of the bag it should have to C shaped buckles with the word 'chloe' engraved on the tops. There should also be attached to bag, a key. This should also have 'chloe' engraved into it. All the key, buckles, studs & padlock are all made of brass.

If you have any questions about these bags please feel free to message me through ebay and Id be more than happy to help you.

Please, Dont be fooled into buying a fake bag. It isnt worth it.

Thank you :)

Haylie x

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