Fake / Counterfeit DS Games Shipped! - Buyer Beware!

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Fake DS Games have been shipped & are being sold online!

Yes sadly its true.. the illegal factorys have started making fake DS games.

They are already being sold online, sites like ebay and amazon being the chosen hosts!

Read my guide to see the differences from authentic and conterfeit ds games.. to help you avoid getting ripped off!


Look at the picture below:

From the front, the pirated game cart itself (right) looks quite similar to a real import game (in this case Pokémon Ranger, left). One subtle difference is the cutoff on the bottom left hand corner of the sticker on the fake is slightly more rounded then it should be.

The only other clue from the above picture would be that the nintendo seal is not shiney gold as it should be.

ALWAYS look for a shiney gold label of authenticity!


Look at this next picture below:


(sorry for the small pictures.. work with me here please)

The first thing to notice is that while the fake says 'NTR-005 PAT(ent) PEND(ing),' it doesn't have an individually printed number beneath. The back of the cart is smooth, not indented like the real game, too. And finally, although impossible to see on this resolution of image, the bottom of the PCB board on the fake says 'Nintendo 001-01' instead of a more complex manufacturer code (in the case of Pokémon Ranger, it's I N-5 003-10).


Look at this third picture:

The game box of the fake is also made of lower quality plastic – it feels cheap – and dosnt have an official Nintendo logo embedded next to the game cart holder.

Finally, the quality of the printing of the cover and instruction manual is much lower than an official game. In fact, in the case of this fake, the instruction manual was actually just a game review from a US website.


Look at this fourth picture:

As you can most likely see from the picture above..

The label on the game is of poor printing quality and put on wonkily..

This brings us back to the days of the gba, the quality and care put into counterfeits is and always has been poor!


Look at my final picture:

Finaly the above picture brings me to the conclusion of my guide..

Avoid counterfeits to the maximum extent.. they are cheap for a reason..

Just like counterfeit gba games.. they will stop saving.. stop playing.. could damage your ds.. the quality of the outer game is poor aswell as the inner of the game!


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