Fake Decker Ugg Botts - Classic Tall

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I have recently been stung on this scam. Ordered from a UK seller with good history. Once purchased the sold item disappeared from my bought items and I could not track it. Ebay advised that the sellers ID had been hijacked. I then waited 48 hours and chose a completely different UK seller and the same thing happened. I should have known that at a selling price of £65 that this was a fake. I have had one pair arrive from China and as described stank to high heaven. Labelled with a pin and saying made in China. From your photo's they are excellent fakes correcting all the areas you have described but the fur inside is obviosly synthetic. I am still OS one of the payments however this should be resolved by the end of the month. When buying these I would wait to pay until at least 2 days after so that if it picked up by Ebay you do not have to go through getting your money back through Paypal.


The User ID came up as Yang Enjie on my paypal so watch out for this as they are stealing UK ID's constantly. 

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