Fake Dior, Euphoria perfumes, chanel on ebay

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 example of fake miss cherie, box is totally different.

I have seen selling lots of perfumes Calvin Klein Euphoria 100ml edp for less than £20. If you win perfume and got the parcel home, first what you see is box. If you using this perfume regulary you will see the difference almost immidiatelly, if not, i would suggest you to have a very good study of bottle and when you think that you remember well go to any store like debenhams or boots and take tester bottle to see the difference or better for you the similarity. Fake perfumes usually use slightly different colours of bottles, different colours of boxes and they have all amost identic spray. As for example bottle of Euphoria from Calvin Klein or bottle of Dior Miss cherie are the most horrible fakes i have recently seen. The bow on Miss Cherie is not smooth it has lots of dots on it and wrapping at the bottom of perfume is totally opposite than the original. Companies that do fake perfumes do it from obvious reason, to not to get sued, at least they can say our colour was different or bottle is different so what copy? Please before you buy have a look to the sellers feedback as well. If he recently bought this perfume and now is selling it its obvious that something was not right with it. Maybe Fake?? If you need any help, let me know, i work in perfumery and perfumes know almost like my own shoes. Thanks and hope this was little bit helpfull.

One more thing i have recently noticed and its when some seller is selling perfume just little bit used like 1 cm from top, there would be reason for it, because if you spray perfume once you already know if you like it or not, so you wont use it anymore. Those people are just not very sure if perfume they bought is original so are trying some time and then usually decide to sell it. Its not their fault, they were victims as well. That is the reason why selling fake perfume is influencing everyone, because even seller with 100% positive feedback can be victim of fraudalent seller and then unless he know can be selling this fake perfume further. So be aware of used couple of times perfumes as my friend purchased recently 4 of those, (miss cherie twice and Euphoria blossom 50mls which is unusual for fake, but it was as it didnt match the bottle in our perfume shop and about the smell it was just alcohol nothing at all. Seller was Beata52 or something like that, has got 100% feedback, because people who bought perfume from that person, probably dont use it regulary so cant see the difference. Other sellers are already suspended from ebay, so hopefully no more fake perfumes from them. 

P.S. Mainly can say that the most fake perfumes are sold from Countries like : Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine, Poland, but in States and U.K as well but mainly items are sold by people from different countries living in U.K
Selling perfume fakes can be very dangerous, because to be honest you never know what are These "companies" putting into the perfume as a stabillizator. Can be even URINE which to be honest is mostly putted to the bottles of Chanel Fake perfumes because of the very similar colour. Who would like to have this on your skin? Me not, that is why Even if you purchase some Chanel perfume or any other try it on some part of clothes or even piece of paper, in perfume copies you will also smell very strong smell of alcohol, which you cant smell from original perfume so often, because Companies like chanel, dior or any other brand dont put alcohol which we know but special Benzyl alcohols and other kind of very expensive alcohols.

Will be adding to my guide some photos of original Dior Miss Cherie, Jadore, and Euphoria Blossom copies, ...just when i find my usb cable from camera again.
Thanks for your reading and hope this was helpfull.
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