Fake E Bay Notice

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A while ago we bidded on an Audi TT, it seemed to be bona fidi, we actually won the bid, then to our dismay the vehicle was wipped off of the e bay  site, we then recieved an e mail from the seller, and believe me it seemed real as it seemed to have been sent through the e bay account, that we had won the vehicle. You will notice now that ebay alerts buyers not to use the wiring system of funds, but not then so, Yes you guessed we wired the money and, thats right no car. More alarming was that it nearly happened to a friend of ours, we alerted e bay and nothing was done nor did we recieve a reply when we reported the seller, although he was removed, be very very carefull.

The second instance the buyer wanted us to send the money through,( dont think so, once bittern an all that) because his wife was nervous of meeting people she dident know (yeah right). so that was one pillock who whose fraudulant scheming came to nothing. The worst part of it was that I felt so bloody stupid. Just remember nothings for nothing.



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