Fake Fender Stratocasters

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I bought a Fender Stratocaster from Haywire 54 in the USA last year and have since found it to be fake.  Unluckily for me I didn't realise the guitar was fake till after the 90 day period in which you are covered on ebay.  I contacted the guy by phone and email but got no response at all.  Sadly many other people have left positive feedback, I wonder how many are like me and realised too late?  The following points are by no means conclusive or comprehensive but might give some ideas on what to look for.   One way to spot fake fender guitars, run your finger tips over the decal. If its a transfer you'll feel it, and may even be able to see it if you hold it to eye level (Some old and original 60's Strats have the transfer over the laquer) but if it isn't meant to be an original 60's Strat and you can feel or see the decal has been put on be suspicious.  Sometimes the guitar will not be as heavy as a normal Stratocaster should be.  This could  mean that the body is a squire or in some cases not fender at all.  Obviously check out the serial numbers, although they can easily be copied.  If you are not to sure about your guitar get it checked out by an experienced luthier or technician. 
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