Fake Football Shirts - Avoiding Fakes

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Football shirts are very easy to sell on eBay. Most people have them, bought them from official retailers and outlets.
But some have bought them off eBay previously. Please be aware that there are ALOT of fake/counterfit football shirts on eBay.

These are some guides you should concider when purchasing a football shirt/shirts off eBay:

1- Check the image very carfully - Look for the badge position, makers logo and sponsors, then google thi shirt in google or other sites and view official photographs...if they look slightly different, then there is a good chance they are fake.

2- ASK THE SELLER - adk if they are official, if they say yes then you have everyright to get your money back once you have bought it. Take it to the police if you do not get paypal to get your money back, but 9/10 times paypal WILL give you the money back.

3- If the seller is from PORTUGAL or FARE EAST then they are usually fake.

4- Ask other people. Copy the photo, ask your friends or other football shirt collectors.

5- BUY IT NOW - new shirt for less than 30.00?? FAKE.

6- Read discription very very carefully!!!!!!

7- Get eBay involved if you think it is fake.


I have been caught out before! It is horrible! Please just look at the image, if it is on a manacin then i tend not to buy it as I always feel that they are fake. I ONLY buy off genuine sellers who are selling other items such as programmes or even just random house things. I never buy off a seller with over 1000feedback....selling over 1000 shirts is very dodgy! If they are all genuine...why sell them at such a cheap price?
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