Fake/Forged cancels on Indian stamps

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There is one particular lowlife on eBay who specializes in selling Indian stamps with forged/fake postmarks.

He is particularly fond of faking postmarks on Indian States stamps of the GVI period, JAIPUR, PATIALA, CHAMBA, JIND and ORCHA are among his favorites. He has an apparent unlimited supply of what in some cases are very rare stamps to find in genuine used condition. I must have seen him list and apparently sell the same rare GVI CHAMBA and JIND convention states "used" rupee issues on numerous occasions.
Beware though, he is also at home applying fake cancals to earlier QV to GV period issues.  These are often the exact same cancels you find on the GVI stamps.
The scam is to apply fake cancels to "used" stamps where the used stamp is worth considerably more than the same stamp in mint condition E.g. the GVI period BAHAWALPUR issues.
Odd that you'll never find him selling these stamps in mint condition, why is that?
The "used" stamp images have neatly trimmed perfs, a recent addition to his listing process, no doubt to make them difficult to uniquely identify/match back to an original mint stamp purchase. After all he must get the mint stamps from somewhere in order to then apply the fake postmarks.
The fake postmarks are not very convincing if you have any collecting experience They are always neat strikes that clearly include the state name where appropriate, how convenient.
You often see stamps from the same issue listed separately. This will all be bearing the same dodgy postmark, neatly applied and with the same date recurring e.g MY 26 appears alot on the fake hooded style CHAMBA postmak.
Unsurprisingly the "used" stamps are in perfect condition which is most odd considering they're supposedly postally used.
The seller uses private listings, what's he got to hide. It is not possible to warn buyers that they have been deceived.
I have tried reporting his listings to eBay but no action appears to have been taken and no suitable report category exists - e.g. "selling stamps with forged postmarks in order to deceive" would be a nice new category.
So, please beware if you're bidding on a used stamp that is otherwise worth much less as a mint stamp. Check those perfs and dodgy cancellations.
30/3/2016 -
Good news, he's been kicked off eBay and is no longer a registered user.
Bad news, he's now using a different eBay identity (the account he uses to buy mint stamps on which to apply fake postmarks) to sell the same old rubbish.

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