Fake GHD Hair Straighteners

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Well, I've been had again. This time I bought GHD MK4 hair straighteners for £84.05 on ebay from a seller with 100% feedback, registered since 2004 with over 200 transactions. I could have bought them from an official retailer for about £20 more. Not even much of a saving.
I found out they were counterfeits because I checked out the unique bar code (under the hologram on the cable) with GHD customer services on 0845 33011330 and the same bar code had already been checked 157 times. So I was advised to return them - I made a complaint through Paypal and contacted the seller. I got a full refund plus the cost of return postage.
My advice - ask for the bar code & check it by 'phone before purchase. If you do end up buying fakes, raise a dispute through Ebay and Paypal as soon as you can (although after 60 days it is too late to raise a dispute and after 90 days fake GHDs will, by all reports, have broken but you should keep harassing the seller).
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16/10/2008 extracts from an email I received to-day:
'I found your ghd review very interesting as I bought my daughter some last xmas. I registered them with ghd and they said they were under guarantee till Jan 2009. The straighteners broke last week so I sent them to ghd. When I telephoned them the lady in customer care told me they were counterfeit. They can only tell this when they open them up and see that the INSIDE GUTS ARE NOT THEIR PRODUCT. They said that I only gave them 'a code' for the straighteners and not the VERIFICATION code. I am taking this to the police and trading standards. Jill'

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