Fake GHD Purple gift sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wanted to write this because i can see so many listings for the GHD Purple gift sets on Ebay and i hate to see people being conned out of there hard earned cash!!!!!! You will see if you go through the listings that there are many listings for this product some sellers are using the original photo of the GHD Purple and some are using a photo of the actual product they are selling so here is a guide to root out the fakes.

1. All the photos of this product where you see the lead collar on the hair dryer is purple and has a hook loop on it are definatly fakes, the real GHD hair dryer has a black collar and no hook loop, infact no GHD product has hook loops on them!!!!!!! also you will see the on/off button is also purple when it should be black.

2.Some sellers are using the original GHD photo of this product so i would subjest before buying you clarify the points above

3. The box and the straighteners should have a hologram on them with a code on the straighteners, ask for the code so you can check before you buy, some sellers are saying there is a code but it wont register with GHD......i'm sorry but if you buy an original GHD the code will register for your 2 year warranty, fake GHD's have no warranty and generally only last for a few months and have been know to catch fire.

4. GHD's are made in Taiwan and nearly all the fakes are coming from China/ Hong Kong

5.If you look at the sponserd links when you search for GHD's you will be amazed to see you can buy this set for as little as £38 including postage. Check the sites on the official GHD website and you will see they are known to sell counterfit GHD goods...how does Ebay not spot this??????

I have been trying to warn as many people as i can about this as i saw today an auction where the bid price has got to £127 for an obvious fake set, unfortunately the bidders are kept private so there is nothing i can do about that one :( i hope this guide will help others not to get conned.
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