Fake GHD hair products.

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Just to add to what others have said. I was aware that GHD did not have any authorised sellers on e-bay. However I saw a pair advertised an "unwanted, duplicate, gift". This seemed feasible and I boutght them for about £86.00.
Some 6 months later the surface of the ceramic plates wore off (only paint) the the elements stopped heating.
I asked GHD and gave them the serial code. Guess what: they are fakes!!
If you see any on e-bay, ask the seller for the code and put it to GHD on their website before buying.
My vendor says "she is looking into the matter of the fakes she sold me, but I am not holding my breath!
I have asked several e-bay sellers all "unwanted gift and genuine GHD" for the code but they seem to find it too much trouble, or perhaps they know something.
E-bay seems to have little interest in the matter.




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