Fake GHD hair straighteners

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I bought 2 GHD straighteners for about £60 each from a UK-based seller with 100% feedback. They came in a very genuine-looking "GHD box" and even had a 16 digit hologram which is supposed to authenticate GHD products. However with hindsight my suspicions should have been raised when acknowledgement of my payment came from an e.mail address in China! Presumably the seller was acting as their UK agent. Both items failed within about 10 weeks and were sent to GHD who told me they were fakes. I raised this with PayPal who at the time of writing have rejected my claim on the grounds that they don't deal with disputes over merchandisable quality. This is blatantly unfair since they offer to assist with any claim where the item is (in their words) "significantly different to that described". My items were described as "Genuine GHD" but were not - I cannot think of a clearer case of an item not being "as described"! I have therefore appealed to PayPal and am waiting for their reply.

It is clear that there are a huge number of fake items out there and this experience has taught me to be very cautious about buying new items from sources other than the manufacturer or authorised retailers.


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