Fake GHD hair straighteners on Ebay

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I am writing a brief review for those of you that are looking for ghd straighteners on Ebay but do not want to be scammed.  Well I got scammed so here is what I received.

firstly the BIN price was to good to be true £79 including postage brand new ghd midnight straighteners. (if its to good to be true it normally is)
secondly when they arrived the box was tatty and not everything was in the box, i'e the cd and second booklet you are meant to receive. the box looked like it had been put together by a 2 year old. the ghd sign and top of the box looked original but thats about it.
thirdly after I did my research I realised I cannot register them on the ghd website as they are not reconised, if you cannot register them then they are not real!
I also took the ghd circle signs on the side of the ghd off,(can be done easily with a screw driver) now on both sides there must be a screw either side, on the fakes there's only 1 screw and 1 plastic bit.  The other thing is the warning sign that's on the wire in red, if it is quite bold then that is a sign that they are also fake ghd's. 

I brought the scarlet deluxe ones off the official website for £99 on offer and having received them my fake ones that I got off Ebay are pretty good fakes but again they are fake and can be reconised by doing your research.   if you read fakes have 2 holes on the wire where its connected, that is not true as my real ones have 2 holes. 

Main key points for fakes are.
1 box, tatty badly put together and smaller than real ghd boxes, especially inside. also missing parts.
2 if you cannot register them on the ghd site then they are fake
3 the screws either side under the ghd sign, 1 screw means fake.

dont be scammed.  I am trying to get my money back still. the seller issued a refund but when Paypal tried to take it they couldn't! 

Hope this helps
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