Fake GHDs - Lookout For Counterfeit GHD Products

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Lookout For Counterfeit GHD Products

I have recently recieved a letter from GHD's head office (I am a salon owner and do have regular contact from ghd). Informing us there are a small number of counterfeit GHD IV Stylers and GHD IV Hot Pink Stylers are appearing in the market place, illegally bearing the GHD trademark. Unfortunately, these have been appearing on ebay for unbeliveabley low prices.

These counterfeiters have produced packaging and stylers which is viuslly similar to a genuine GHD product. However, on closer inspection these fake products are subtantially inferior in terms of their construction and performance, developing faults within weeks of first use.

Genuine GHD Straighteners are carefully designed, manufactureed and tested  to the highest level of quality and sefety. Tests carried out on these fake GHD straighteners indicate that their use may lead to considerablr risk of injury and breach minimum electrical safety standards.

To ensure that you are receiving genuine GHD stylers, you should only purchase from a GHD authorised resource. Additionally, the 2 year manufacturers warranty will only apply to genuine GHD products. Only buy from GHD approved retailers.

If you are aware of people selling fake GHD straighteners please contact GHD on 01535 651500. Remember if the price looks too good to be true then it probably is. Please try and avoid getting conned with fake products.]

Oh and by the way, there is only one official GHD website and it is not ghd-uk, ghdstraighteners, ghdstraighteningirons, buyghds and blah blah blah. It is in fact ghdhair...you know the rest. Don't be fooled, by half-baked websites which try to spam google or articles pretending to be the genuine GHD site because there not, the are just trying to drive traffic to there site.

Another word of cauction - if its too good to be true it usually is. Pink GHD stylers cost a salon owner £86+VAT, so you can all do they maths. Selling a Pink GHD for £50-60-70-80-90 or even a £100 does not add up. Not taking into account ebay and paypal fees. Hmm...make you think does'nt it. No ones gonna a sell a product for a loss are they - well i hope not, otherwise we have some crazy hair salon owners out there.

Anyway...thats me done. Will post anything else i find out ASAP

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