Fake Game Boy, and Game Boy advance games.

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O.K. First thing to say is that these are pretty tricky to spot, I will often report an item to Ebay if I know it to be a fake, but they never seem to act on it. This is, I believe, is because they aren't sure of themselves and don't want to upset sellers by making a mistake.

The games most likely to be faked are the most popular games, specifically with the Game Boy Advance, the Pokemon Games, Final Fantasy games and Zelda.

If you see a game being offered as "new" but it doesn't come in a proper card box, that should make alarm bells ring. The wholesale 'site Alibaba.com often has Pokemon GBA games on it that are made new in the factory, look legit, but are, of course fakes, a real game would always come with a proper box.

When a fake is produced the manufacturer is always likely to copy the most available game. In most cases that will tend to be the US, NTSC versions of a game. If you see an age rating on the game like "E" (everyone), or the Nintendo seal of approval is oval not round start becoming a bit more wary. A PAL game will not have that sort of rating and will have a round official stamp on the cart. Of course there are many legitimate sellers selling U.S. GBA games on the U.K site because the GBA is region free so this is by no means a definitive way of spotting a fake, but it should make you wary.

The most important thing to look at is the label. Often the colour is slightly weird, too glossy, too dark, just not quite perfect. A quick search on Google images should bring up a picture of a legitimate game so compare the too closely. A legitimate game will have a label that looks perfect a fake will often just look a little bit odd. Also check the layout are things on the real version in the same place as they are on the Ebay listing.

Be wary. There are loads of fake GBA games on Ebay, because they are hard to spot, a seller may not even know that they have a fake.
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