Fake Gear

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Its unfortunate but there is a massive amount of fake gear around at the moment. There is no one definite way of telling if gear is fake, but always bear a few things in mind before committing yourself to an item.

  • Is the image stock? If so ask for pictures of the item they are selling, stock items can be stolen from other sites and mask the condition of the item. For instance if you are buying what you believe to be a new copy of a CD  or game, they could be in fact copy's, but the stock photo has led you to think otherwise.
  • Check the sellers location, one area to be wary of in particular is Hong Kong. Massive counterfeit chains operate there and can make some remarkably life like fakes. Identifiable in person but because all you have is a text description and a picture, may be misleading.
  • Always check feedback for negative comments about the items originality.  If a group of fake gear is being sold, make sure if anyone else has fallen for it.
  • Use your common sense. Look around and see what other sellers are offering, any differences may be an indication of illegitimate gear.
  • Signed merchandise. Always be extra careful of these! Make sure they are from a trusted seller and that they carry a certificate of authenticity. Anyone can make up or copy a signature and put it on a relevant item.
Hope that helps. Happy buying!
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