Fake Genuine Epson R800 / R1800 ink carts

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The main content of this guide comes from the Photo-I chat forum @ www.photo-i.co.uk. but my own experience prompted me to write the guide.

I first noticed the difference when a magenta cart I loaded put a heavy cast on my prints.  Having changed this I started to notice a green cast on the prints.  Then the print head started to block up. I'm now back to normal as I only now use carts from reputable sources.

The main things to look for are:
1. The carts feel tighter when fitting to the printer (they tend to be slightly thicker).
2. A different font on the label and slight differences to the design and instructions.
3. No serial number cut into the blank side of the cart.
4. No place of origin in the rectangular box on the blank side.

All mine had "Made in China" on the box and were as items 1,2,&4 above, i.e. they did have a serial number.

I've included two pictures to illustrate the points above. They can also be seen on the photo-i forum.

I hope this guide helps someone else avoid a "mucked up" printer.

25/11/2009 Jacques emailed to say:

I have also seen the same peoblem with Epson R320 cartridges sold by an Ebay member.
I have also seen that on the original Epson cartridge the Data Matrix code located on the front is different on all the cartridges but on the fake ones they are the same.
Perhaps you can update your guide for me.

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