Fake Golf Clubs saturate EBAY!!!

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I recently had surgery and all I have time to do is browse the internet to find suppliers to open an Ebay shop. What I found is staggering. The number of fake golf clubs on Ebay is unbelievable. If you are buying Callaway irons, the logo on the back of the club is a hologram, not a stuck on sticker.

 On Taylor made golf clubs the back of the plate is fused to the front also no sticker.

 Please people, get the serial numbers before you buy. Ebay sellers who say they cannot give you the serial number because the box is sealed in my opinion are dodgy at best. When I have items delivered for shipping, I check them to be sure they are not damaged first. So getting a serial number is easy. Any reputable seller will gladly give the serial number and a phone call to the manufacturer takes a few moments. All major manufacturers have website and contact information in the UK.

 One seller I reported to ebay logged his fake clubs on ebay under a different account and is flogging his Callaway and Taylor Made at this very moment. Titleist, Scotty Cameron, Taylor Made, Mizuno, Callaway, and Ping are the major clubs being counterfeited now on chinese web sites. I will not give those sites on this guide as some of you are probably the very people we are concerned about.

 All I suggest is ebay initiate a verification system for the merchandise they list on behalf of the buyers who trust them with their money.

 Certificates of authenticity, easy for any reputable seller to obtain, would go a long way to slow down the flood of fakes. Not allowing more than five days to ship an item,as items from China always take at least a week.

When buying from anyone who offers delivery of more than a week, inquire as to where it is being drop shipped from and be very wary of Chinese imports please!

 I hope this has been helpful and I will remain vigilant in my task to rid ebay of counterfeit clubs and accessories.

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