Fake Golf Pride Grips - BEWARE

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To all golfers, club repairers...

Ebay seems to have a number of sellers selling grips purporting them to be GOLF PRIDE MULTI COMPOUND Grips in various colours at prices that are a bit lower than you would expect which seems very tempting. I recently bought a yellow and black from a seller only to find when I installed the grip that it was a cheap imitation. I ordered 2 more grips from a trusted seller albeit I paid more but comparing both sales the difference is like day and night.

I have noticed that the fake ones when installed are really hard especially on the corded upper half. On the butt of the grip the branding Multi Compound is in a different font and size. The branding Golf Pride on the coloured lower section distorts when the grip is slipped onto a shaft and finally the butt of the grip on a genuine one has a very noticable bevelled edge and a slight depression on the top whereas the fake ones have a slight bevelled edge and a flat top.


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