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Panic, Panic, Everybody Panic. No, lets not panic. I have a shop here on e bay selling musical instruments the majority of which are Guitars. I am well aware of the well intentioned scribblings of some other e bay members, some of them also shop owners. Firstly lets look at the e bay site in its entirety on a daily basis.  How many buyers are we talking ?  tens of thousands I Guess. Here in the U.K probably thousands.  How many of these will look for Musical Instruments  ?  Maybe 10 - 20% Tops. How many will be looking at guitars? Good guess about the 60 - 70 % mark.
Lets split this into two groups, those looking for brand name guitars at a cheap price and those looking at the entry level or lower priced end of the market. In the first group at the most you may have 25% in the second group the other 75%. So you are left with a figure of probably 3-500 people a day. You could further sub divide this by those looking at Fender, BC Rich, etc. The actual end figure who may be under threat from this WAVE of fake Chinese chicken wire is probably 30 or 40.
Fact 1. You will be extremely unlucky if you came across a fake whilst buying in an e bay shop. ( shops are there day after day, they don't move, the normal method of payment is Pay Pal, You can report them and have the payment stopped should you receive a fake.)
Fact 2. Before e bay and especially Pay Pal will allow you an account, they have your personal e-mail,Home address , Bank account details in full, Home telephone number (not a mobile).
Fact 3. You receive FEEDBACK for every transaction you make. Sometimes because of the many vindictive ,stupid and even (have nothing better to do) e bay members you pick up adverse feedback that's not warranted. So all shop owners will do what ever it takes to keep customers happy.

So that just leaves Auctions I guess ( anyone daft enough to buy a Gibson from classified deserve everything they get) and I can't remember seeing a huge amount of Gibson Guitars in Auctions. Historically the type of people prepared to splash out a Thousand pounds for a Gibson Guitar would have a very good knowledge of that brand of guitar.It would be rare for anyone to go out and straight buy a Gibson to learn on! So we have 30 people looking for a bargain in the top end of the market hoping to acquire a Gibson at a bargain price. How many of our thirty people may drown in this wave of Chinese fake Gibson's , I would suspect absolutely none. Yes zero, not bloody one.
It would be reasonable then to enquire why the mass panic, why are people rushing about waving their arms in the air, why this fear of dud goods if bought on e bay?
I wouldn't know. Yes the Chinese do make copies of Gibson guitars and more than a few Fender as well. Yes some people do buy them usually direct from China.
Sell them on e bay? Rubbish, not one!!
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