Fake Hand Bags

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This is a short and sweet guide to buying designer handbags on ebay.

1.  It is againt the trading laws of ebay to advertise & sell copies of designer hand bags

2.  It is against UK Law to sell copies of anything.

I unfortunately fell trap to buying a very obviously fake hand bag on ebay.  Jodie6143 sold me the said bag and openly admits its fake.  There was no mention of this on the advert and having sold my own genuine designer hand bags on ebay I see no reason why someone else shouldn't.  Beware - ask the seller direct questions.  Ask them if they would be willing to offer a full refund should the handbag be proved to be a fake.  But best of all - just swap designer bags with your friends new look! 

Always fully report any handbags suspected to be fake to ebay and relevant authorities.  I will keep you updated on my own battle!

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