Fake Hush Puppies ankle boots.

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I recently purchased a pair of boots which proved to be fake.  (I'd like to point out that in this case the seller did not know they were fake and offered an immediate full refund.)  The only reason I know for sure they were fake is I possess a genuine pair, although the fakes are obviously not great quality.  I thought I would outline the differences here. 

The style of boot is low heeled with elasticated panels on each side.  The style name is "Nectarine"

My genuine Hush Puppies have: 

"Hush Puppies" logo imprinted on both sole and heel of boot.  Sole and heel are unusually soft.

Fabric tag stitched onto insole.

Insole has raised, perforated instep.

Upper front lining is seamless.

Upper heel lining is leather.

My boots have the code "20550000 NECTARINE 5 07/06" printed inside the front cuff.

Cuffs are soft and slightly narrower than the uppers they are sewn to.

Heel is 1 1/2 ".

No reinforcing in toe.

No pull tab on the back.

They look, feel and smell like leather.


The fake ones:

Hard heel and sole, no logos.

"Hush Puppies" printed on insole.

No raised instep.

Seam down centre of upper front lining.

Upper heel lining is fabric.

Code "21419 000 38 3161 06 04" printed on upper front lining.

Cuffs are stiff and lumpy.

Heel is just under 2".

Toe is reinforced.

They have a pull tab at the back.

They look feel and smell like plastic.

One of mine is smaller than the other!

So that's my experience of fake v genuine.  The most obvious details are the logos on the sole and heel.  I would suggest that if a seller is not prepared to put up a photo of this on request, you might be wary.  I have seen several pairs of fakes on eBay in the last few weeks.  Hope this helps.

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