Fake Kenwood TK3207 .

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Update to my other guide:


I am now getting calls from TK3207 users for repair and reprogramming. It seems the build quality of these radio, chargers and batteries are very poor and unreliable. Batteries don't charge or last. Radios do not have CTCSS programmed so interference is a problem. Even worse many of them are fakes. Try a Google search for 'fake tk3207'. Also search for the TK3207 you will discover it is not a UK, let alone European product, is not type approved and it is illegal to use it in the UK. It is not supported by Kewnood or any Kenwood dealers.

Please Note:

* Repairs: cannot be made to TK3207's as service manuals and spares are not available.

*Reprogramming cannot be done because software is not available.

*Genuine Kenwood parts such as earpieces, chargers or batteries are often incompatible.

Consider buying a genuine TK3201 or TK3202. it may be more expensive but you will get full warranties full dealer support and best of all probably the most reliable two-way radio ever made.

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