Fake Lacoste T-shirts

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Seems to be a lot of reviews on fake lacoste being sold on ebay so i thought i would just add this:

it should start with LXXXX XX XXX XX
L1212 - short sleeve pique
L1312 - long sleeve pique

PF168 or PF168E - short sleeve stretch pique
PF368E - classic long sleeve pique

51 - Peru factory (Central and North American market)
?? - India factory (Middle East, Asia, and some European countries)
?? - France factory (very rarely seen outside of France or western Europe)

some popular colors:

001 - white
031 - black
166 - navy
107 - yellow
240 - red
132 - green
476 - bordeaux
TO3 - flamingo
NSX - lawn green
TO1 - till blue
8LX - pearl
NXU - coastal blue
CBK - aegean blue

T3 - XS
T4 - S
T5 - M
T6 - L
T7 - XL
T8 - XXL

So on the tag you may see: L1212 51 001 T5
-> Short Sleeve, Peru made, White, Medium (Most fakes don't bother with the exact matching of the code itself.

Good FAKEs and real Lacoste shirts have the following:
- Peru made
- Good Lacoste Logo
- Mother of Pearl buttons, 2 holes
- The *Devanlay* wash tag
- The Lacoste sizing: 3, 4, 5 etc.


If you receive a lacoste item check the tag to make sure it matches the item it self.


IE :

L1212 51 001 T5 
Short Sleeve, Peru made, White, Medium (Most fakes don't bother with the exact matching)

The biggest mistake with fakes is the colour code number does not match the colour of the item itself.


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