Fake Lindeberg

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Dont be fooled like I was! There is one Seller by the name of "TRENDSETTERFASION" who is all over the UK Ebay. They are bassed in canada, even though they say there items are in the UK. Purchased a brand new WHITE SLATER BELT, waited 2 weeks only to find that i was ripped off! The leather is not leather but cardboard, the buckle was smaller and the quality was really poor. I only saw this against another slater belt i baught from selfridges durring there golf dept. clearance sale. another diference was the fake was alot shorter than the original, so if a seller says buy one size bigger than nomal , be suspicious. Recently they have multiplied the number of items on our UK site by 200% and i dont want them to get rich by ripping us all off!    I was given a refund just to shut me up, but canot let them do the same to you guys. hope this saves you from being conned!
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