Fake Lindeberg Lachlan shirts on ebay.

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Firstly, a genuine Lachlan shirt will set you back about £90 retail. Ask yourselves this; would J.Lindeberg be supplying some wideboys in Canada with an endless supply of Lachlan shirts to knock out at £28.00 a go ?

So how do you spot them ? My advice would be to avoid the vast majority of JL merchandise that originates from Canada. The Lachlan shirts they're selling come in four colours; white with pink 'coolwave', white with black 'coolwave', black with pink 'coolwave' and black with white 'coolwave'.

J.Lindeberg change their colours every year, they would not be continuing to make these colours !

The quality of the material is vastly inferior. The genuine Lachlan shirts use 'technofine' polyester - this is a very soft material and won't feel starchy around the collar like the fakes but most importantly, the genuine shirts have a bright, glossy look to the colours whereas the fake shirts are dull looking in comparisson. These fake shirts have a tendancy to stretch considerably over time.

The packaging is also a dead giveaway, genuine shirts have quality factory wrapping and are folded in a store like way, the fakes come virtually rolled up in the much smaller bags and they DON'T have the 'technofine' tag alongside the JL one.

A Lachlan shirt for £28 might seem a bargain but when it turns from an XL to a XXXXXL after a couple of washes it's not so good !

Remember the old adage when buying; "if something seems too good to be true - it probably is".

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