Fake Links Of London Sweetie Bracelets

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Buyers beware.

There are many bracelets appearing on Ebay that are fakes, compared to a genuine article you can tell the quality from a mile away.

The best check is the hallmark that should be present on one of the links at the side of the thick barrel. 

Check the seller's feed-back, if they regularly sell these bracelets then the chances are that if they are not a shop or business then the bracelet will be fake.

These bracelets are about £110.00 in good retail shops, so don't get fooled if you pay £40.00 for one that its a bargain/genuine item. 

There are many purchasers out there that have won these bracelets at a good price, left positive feed-back, only to discover their purchase is a fake.

If in doubt take your bracelet to a good jeweller and get their opinion.

I hope this stops 1 person for being conned like I was.

For further info see....

Google and type in FAKE Links of London Sweetie Bracelet.


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