Fake Links Of London sweetie bracelet

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DON'T BE FOOLED.... recently purchased a sweetie Links of London bracelet and the buyer asured the bracelet was authentic which I am not saying they did or didn't know that this was a fake.  I took the bracelet to a Links of London store as was purchasing something else plus I wanted them to look at the bracelet as I could not find a hall mark and had my doubts if it was genuine.

The lady took one look at it and knew straight off that it was fake, upon closer inspection the following was found:- the hall mark should be on the link next to the barrel and there was nothing, the logo should be 3 ovals not circles (although these were ovals they looked rough), the links were not tight together you could see the elastic when wearing it, the font was incorrect, it was lighter than the real thing, you should have 6 split rings on the bracelet and the split rings are not bigger than the links, you should not be able to see any joins on the links.  I am sure there are other tell tale signs.

Really wish I knew all this before purchasing it.  For and extra £30 I would have been sure of its authenticity and no hassle.

I hope this helps.

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