Fake Links of London Sweetie Bracelet

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I am astounded of the amount of fake links bracelets that are on e-bay, I myself have got caught out twice in the past by bracelets I thought were authentic I wish i had gone to the links shop.

Real Links  Sweetie Bracelet:2010  These have now been updated for 2010, the new links bracelet now has a large half dome shape with Links London on it, The hallmark is now on the 5th ring in & a oval tag is attatched to it with a serial number & the three ring logo.All the links are soldered together there is no gap.

Old Style Links Sweetie Bracelet : These have soldered links, the hallmark which should be the UK Assay office hallmark should be on the 1st ring beside the large ring marked Links Of London, the large ring should be of a slightly rounded shape.

Fake Links Sweetie Bracelet: When new these look immaculate & authentic as they are really shiny, but after a few months the silver plate wears off & you are left with a disgusting black ring,the rings are not soldered nor is there a hallmark, beware of sellers selling more than one sweetie bracelet at a time also selling them for a low buy it now price, packaging may look authentic but if you compare the original to the fake packaging the fake packaging is shoddy made.

Beware if a seller selling a Sweetie bracelet as authentic cannot supply a reciept, (a bit difficult I know if it was a gift) but if the seller is genuine & bracelet is authentic you will be pleased... if it is not  authentic the seller should not have a problem in giving you a refund  if it is fake     

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