Fake Links of London Sweetie Bracelets

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Hi everyone, just thought i'd give you all a bit of advice on the sweetie bracelets that are on sale on e-bay.  I recently bought one on ebay for £55 that came with an 18 carat rolled gold heart.  I should have known that it was fake being able to buy it for such little money but I suppose I was naive!!  Anyway, when I received it, although it looked like the real thing, I had a closer look and got suspicious because I couldn't find any hallmarks.  I contacted the seller who then agreed to give me a refund....I think I was lucky in this case.  Since then I decided to go to a proper Links of London shop and buy a full price one since I don't think it is that likely that you will find a real one on here for cheap.  I thought I would let you all know exactly what the real ones look like and what to look for/ask about:

The real one has a barrel with 3 oval links engraved and 'LINKS LONDON' engraved on it (not Links of London). 

The link immediately next to the barrel (on top of the barrel as if you are reading the 'LINKS LONDON' engraving) has a hallmark on it to say that it is silver and from LoL.

The elastic that holds the bracelet together is clear and fairly stretchy...there are 2 pieces of elastic going right the way around the bracelet.

A medium sized bracelet has exactly 90 links (not including the rings that you attach the charms to).

Any charm from LoL has the logo of the 3 ovals on the outside of the ring and also has a silver hallmark on the outside of the ring.

The bracelet is packaged in a LoL pouch and then put into an oval box with the ribbon wrapped around the box.  They then put it into a LoL back and seal it with a LoL sticker.

I was told that if I kept the receipt I could go back once a year to get it re-threaded free of charge (I think they put new elastic through it).  I would ask for the receipt from the seller if you are buying one because this is obviously something that comes with buying the bracelet from the shop.

I hope this is of use to you and that you don't end up buying a fake one like I did...I was lucky to get my money back but I don't think that it's very common!!

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